BA.ZIC Bodies: Let's Talk Body Positivity

We all have lumps and bumps, and freckles and lines, that we wish we could smooth over with an IRL filter. And parts of our bodies we would make bigger and smaller, or rounder, or firmer… But we need to get real.

We all know that these high profile swimwear and lingerie campaigns are retouched to insanity, but we are still guilty of comparing ourselves to the Gigi Hadid’s and the Kendall Jenner’s of the world. Reality hit: they don't even look like that. It’s important to know, and remind ourselves that when we look down and see those spots and lines that that is skin, before the retouching and digital smoothing, and every one has skin with different marks and scars and battle wounds. It’s also important to know that just because Victoria Secret has a strict criteria for beauty, that doesn’t mean the world does.

Long and lean legs are beautiful, thick thighs are beautiful, big butts and little butts - beautiful, big breasts are beautiful, itty-bitty-titties are beautiful, rock hard abs and voluptuous curves and everything in between is beautiful.

Here at Ba.zic we don’t have one muse in mind when designing our pieces - our muse is the female body, and the many shapes and sizes it comes in. We sincerely hope that we can make every body type feel like a million bucks, because all of you babes should be cherished!

Below are a few BA.ZIC babes and their take on body positivity or how BA.ZIC helps them love the skin they’re in. 


Irena in BA.ZIC

Irena in BA.ZIC

“My biggest mistake was constantly comparing myself to others, there was a fixed image in my head that portrayed ‘perfection’ when reality it doesn’t exist. As a model I’m categorised as ‘plus size’ when really the average woman is a UK size 12/14 like me. Stop striving for perfection and just accept yourself” - Irena


Salli in BA.ZIC

“To this day I am still working on growing, it has been a long process for me, but with the help of others I am learning to love myself, my flaws, love food and to have a balanced lifestyle, and above all else to be confident.” - Salli


 “At 22 now, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I understand that there’s more than one ideal body type, and whether I’ve been killing it in the gym or if I’ve just gotten back from a two month stint in Europe living of pizza and pasta… it’s all good.” - Talia


"My tiny waist, thick booty prayers have been answered with these bikinis" - Jules

"Tell the girls with big boobs who struggle with my issues that your bathers do fit!" - Maddi

Stay tuned and start looking forward to some more in-depth self love perspectives, stories, and interviews coming soon! 

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